Property Taxes

The County can raise your property taxes for several reasons -- but you can fight unfair tax increases. The Law Office of Benjamin Wright, LLC helps people lower their property taxes. As a lawyer with a Master of Laws in Taxation Ben is uniquely qualified to assist you in reducing your tax burden.

Ben cannot offer you an evaluation of the merits of your case without the opportunity to discuss the matter with you. There is no cost for an initial consultation and Ben or his team will be happy to answer any questions. Use the  contact form on this website or call 614-285-3383 to make an appointment.

During the initial consultation you will discuss, among other things:

  • whether the property has sold in the past three years,
  • whether the property was listed for sale in the past three years,
  • any improvements to the property in the past three years,
  • whether you have filed a previous complaint against the valuation of the property, and
  • any recent damage to the property.

Typically, an owner can obtain a reduction in property taxes merely by getting an appraisal and filing a complaint against the valuation of real property. In some cases, a school board or other interested party may try to dispute the value. If that happens, Ben has years of experience trying cases. A summary of his relevant cases in construction litigation and other practice areas can be found here. Ben cannot guarantee a result, but if he takes your case he will be completely committed to producing the best possible.