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Oil and Gas

Ohio’s oil and gas laws are constantly changing creating an abundance of uncertainty, especially for Ohio land owners. Recent Court of Appeals and Supreme Court decisions have altered the way Ohio’s Dormant Mineral Act and Ohio’s Marketable Title Act are interpreted and it is anticipated that, with the volume of oil and gas litigation happening throughout the state, that Ohio court decisions will only continue to evolve the way Ohio attorneys have been applying these statutes. Today, it is common for oil and gas companies to withhold paying either party – the landowner or the mineral holder – until a court has issued a decision regarding who has the right to receive payment.

The Law Office of Wright & Associates is well versed in oil and gas litigation, as well as dealing with oil and gas companies. Attorney Schumacher has successfully argued, on behalf of Ohio landowners, in front of the Seventh District Court of Appeals, has drafted briefs and motions that were successful in the Ohio State Supreme Court, and has spoken on behalf of the Ohio State Bar Association on the topic of oil and gas law. Attorney Schumacher also has been published in the Capital University Law Review for an article relating to Oil and Gas law.

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