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Attempting to resolve an issue with a large insurance company, contractor or another party on your own can be risky. When your significant claim or property is on the line, work with a lawyer who can give you undivided attention.

At Wright & Associates, we prioritize serving individuals and businesses with complicated problems throughout Ohio. You can count on our trusted attorneys for candid advice about your legal matter.

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Our team is familiar with a variety of concepts in the business, insurance, consumer protection and engineering fields. This diverse knowledge base informs how we approach complex cases. Together, we have achieved significant case results totaling millions of dollars for our clients.

At Wright & Associates, we build an interdisciplinary team of highly esteemed professionals to back your case. We leverage optimal results by utilizing experts in many fields, including engineers, doctors, contractors and public relations firms.

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Our firm specifically advocates for clients who face disputes with large outcomes at stake, including those involving:

Our experience in litigation arms us with the knowledge that high-value cases deserve. Because we limit our scope to exclude minor claims, we are ready to dedicate our substantial resources and attention to you. Contact us if you would like a preliminary evaluation of your case.

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Whether you have an insurance claim, a construction dispute or another legal problem, time is a critical factor. Waiting to respond to a conflict could jeopardize your options.

Wright & Associates, wastes no time in giving straightforward recommendations for each case. For an initial consultation, call 614-715-4686 or email our office in Columbus.