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Fighting Denied Or Delayed Claims And Bad Faith Issues

Few disasters are more devastating than a fire. Whether a fire leaves you homeless with nothing but the clothes on your back or without a business and a source of income, our team  at Wright & Associates will work to get you back on your feet.

You hired your insurance company to protect you against catastrophe. But all too often, the insurance company only makes matters worse. For instance, given the magnitude of the loss involved with a fire, insurance companies work hard to minimize the amount they pay out on the claim. Insurance companies may:

  • Deliberately under-value the amount of the loss by using their own “in-house” appraisers.
  • Dwell on the fine print of the policy to pay less than they should.
  • Delay paying your claim to gain leverage in negotiating with you.
  • Bury you in requests for irrelevant documents.
  • Fight with you on temporary housing.
  • Question your claim without any reasonable basis.
  • Delay adjusting your claim resulting in additional damage to the property.
  • Fail to offer a reasonable amount for Your damages.
  • Fail to promptly and reasonably investigate.
  • Fail to preserve key evidence.
  • Investigate the fire with the goal of blaming you for the fire.
  • Hire a lawyer to interrogate you in an examination under oath.
  • Refuse to enter into any meaningful good faith negotiations to resolve the claim – forcing you to file a lawsuit in order to receive the benefits that were promised in the Policy.
  • Improperly void a policy when the Policy is merely voidable.

In some situations, the Insurance company may try to blame you for fire accusing you of fraud, misrepresentation or worse – arson. If that happens, it is vital you have a lawyer in your corner to defend you against bogus allegations, turn the tide, and force the insurance company to honor its obligations. What’s more, you will need your own investigators to help you even the odds against a self-serving insurance company.

A Consultation Is The First Step To Getting Back On Your Feet

If you do not timely assert your rights, the insurance company will argue that you have waived them. Wright & Associates encourages you to schedule a free initial consultation in which our team can review the facts of your case, offer a frank assessment and recommend the best course of action. Sometimes signaling the insurance provider that you are prepared to fight for your rights is all it takes to resolve the matter. In other cases, Wright & Associates may need to take the insurance company to court. Use the contact form on this website or call to make an appointment.





Q: What is the insurance company’s goal?

A: The insurance Company’s goal with your claim is to pay you the least amount possible so they make the most profit. An insurance company is a business. Like any business, insurance companies want to make a profit. The insurance company makes profit by taking collecting more in premium payments than it pays out on claims. The insurance company can also make money by delaying paying your claim so it can collect interest on the money already paid in premiums. The insurance company will not help you to protect and preserve your rights

Q: What is an insurance adjuster’s job?

A: In short, the insurance adjuster’s job is to save the insurance company money. Keep the following in mind when speaking with the adjuster.

  1. Insurance adjusters are not your friend.
  2. Insurance adjusters are not on your side.
  3. The adjuster has no legal obligation to you whatsoever.
  4. It is not the insurance adjuster’s job to help protect your rights.
  5. Insurance adjusters want to take what you say and use it against you.
  6. Insurance adjusters are trying to minimize and undermine your rights.
  7. The insurance adjuster has no interest in seeing that you are treated for your injuries.
  8. Insurance adjusters are well-trained professionals whose job is to minimize your claim.
  9. Insurance adjusters want to save their company money, so they can look good on their performance review.
  10. Insurance adjusters are trained to be nice to you so you will not hire a lawyer. Do not the friendly demeanor fool you.
  11. Insurance adjusters are not bad people – they are doing their job. Their job is to pay the least amount possible on your claim.
  12. Often times, the insurance company represents the person who hurt you. In other words, insurance adjusters are not trying to help you – they are trying to help the person who hurt you.
  13. Insurance adjusters may discourage you from getting a lawyer. Insurance companies do not want you to get a lawyer because people who get lawyers make the insurance company pay more money.
  14. The insurance adjusters want to keep you in the dark about your rights. The insurance adjuster will not help you find all the coverage you are entitled to under the insurance policy – like medical payments coverage and car rental coverage.
  15. An insurance adjuster may say “don’t get a lawyer, a lawyer will take your money.” Setting aside the fact that the adjuster may be practicing law without a license, in most cases, the adjuster is wrong. A lawyer will typically get you more money.

Q: What does my insurance cover?

A: It depends on the language of your insurance policy and the insurance policies of the people you live with. A good lawyer will request the insurance policies and find all the available insurance coverage.


Q: How much is an initial consultation?

A: Generally, Wright & Associates charges $300 for an initial consultation.

Q: Why should I hire Wright & Associates?

A: Wright & Associates:

  1. Ben has experience trying cases.
  2. Ben has experience arguing appeals.
  3. Ben and his team will protect your rights.
  4. Ben and his team will gather the necessary evidence.
  5. Ben and his team are professionals who are committed to your case.
  6. Ben and his team have the experience and resources to investigate your claim.
  7. Ben and his team will prevent you from giving statements against your interest.
  8. Ben and his team will come to you if you cannot come to us.
  9. If Ben does not think he can get you more money than you could without a lawyer, then he will not take your case.
  10. Ben and his team will put you on equal footing with the insurance company and their well-trained and experienced adjusters.
  11. Ben is a former insurance lawyer. Since he used to represent the insurance company, he understands how an insurance company may try to minimize your claim.

Q: How much time do I have to file a lawsuit?

A: It depends on the claim you want to assert. While some statutes of limitations are set by law, other limitations are set by the terms of a contract. The bottom line: You should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Once the statute of limitations runs, you may be forever barred from recovering for your damages.