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When The Insurance Company Abuses Its Power, We Give You A Voice

If you paid for a policy, you expect your insurance company to be there for you in your time of need. Insurance providers market themselves as good neighbors who are ready to help policyholders in difficult times. However, the truth is insurance companies are more interested in protecting their profits than protecting people.

At Wright & Associates, people take priority over the insurance company’s profits. Our team advocates for business owners, homeowners and drivers who have important claims that are worth fighting for. Call our office for prompt and dedicated legal representation.

Wright & Associates, does not handle health insurance or life insurance disputes. Wright & Associates, only handles high-value property and business insurance disputes. On a case-by-case basis we will accept the most severe automobile insurance and uninsured motorist cases.

The Lawyers You Need To Get The Coverage You Deserve

We can help you protect your rights if your insurance company has:

  • Denied your claim
  • Denied coverage
  • Demanded an “Examination Under Oath”
  • Sent you a letter “reserving its rights” to deny your claim
  • Neglected to review your claim within a reasonable amount of time

Insurance companies make a profit by collecting more in premiums than they pay out in claims. In other words, insurance adjusters work to protect the insurance company’s bottom line by finding a reason to deny a valid claim. However, it is our job to counter their tactics.

Before starting his own firm, Mr. Wright worked at a firm that defended insurance companies. That experience gives him an insider’s perspective of insurance companies’ strategies. The ability to anticipate an insurance company’s approach allows us to maximize the value of your claim – in court, if necessary.

Protecting The Rights Of Homeowners

The team at Wright & Associates represents homeowners in a broad range of insurance disputes, including:

  • Homeowners insurance disputes
  • Umbrella and excess liability insurance disputes
  • Vandalism claims
  • Theft claims

These issues can cause an immense financial loss for homeowners. Serious claims have the potential to significantly affect your net worth, especially because real estate is often one of the largest personal investments a homeowner possesses. We take legal action when a dispute threatens to diminish that investment or disrupt your daily life.

Advocates For Your Business

At Wright & Associates we represent business owners in a broad range of insurance disputes, including:

  • Business policies
  • Liability insurance disputes
  • Business interruption claims
  • Vandalism claims
  • Theft claims

Owning a business presents a wide variety of risks. You need to be able to count on your insurance policy. Our lawyers understand how critical compensation can be for your business, and we are prepared to pursue its financial interests.

Standing Up For Denied Claims

If the insurance company has denied your claim, it is probably relying on how it interprets the insurance policy. Insurance policies are long, complicated documents written by an army of lawyers. Often when insurance disputes arise, even the insurance adjuster doesn’t understand the language of the contract. They then turn to lawyers to help interpret what it promised. Policyholders who have suffered a loss also need a lawyer who can help them understand the complex language of an insurance policy and maximize the amount they recover. If you face an insurance coverage dispute, it is important to put an experienced, knowledgeable and assertive lawyer in your corner. It is never too soon to consult an attorney about your insurance problem.

Your Claim Deserves Skilled Support

If you wait to assert your rights, you might lose your chance to get a fair payment. We can start protecting your interests from day one. Sometimes, simply hiring an attorney is enough to persuade the insurance company to resolve the problem. However, our attorneys will be ready to follow through with strong representation in court as necessary.

Contact our firm by calling 614-715-4686, or send an email to schedule a consultation. We will honestly assess your options and give you clear advice to help you move forward.





Q: What is the insurance company’s goal?

A: The insurance company’s goal with your claim is to pay you the least amount possible so they make the most profit. An insurance company is a business. Like any business, insurance companies want to make a profit. The insurance company makes profit by collecting more in premium payments than it pays out on claims. The insurance company can also make money by delaying paying your claim so it can collect interest on the money already paid in premiums. The insurance company will not help you to protect and preserve your rights

Q: What is an insurance adjuster’s job?

A: In short, the insurance adjuster’s job is to save the insurance company money. Keep the following in mind when speaking with the adjuster.

  1. Insurance adjusters are not your friend.
  2. Insurance adjusters are not on your side.
  3. The adjuster has no legal obligation to you whatsoever.
  4. It is not the insurance adjuster’s job to help protect your rights.
  5. Insurance adjusters want to take what you say and use it against you.
  6. Insurance adjusters are trying to minimize and undermine your rights.
  7. The insurance adjuster has no interest in seeing that you are treated for your injuries.
  8. Insurance adjusters are well-trained professionals whose job is to minimize your claim.
  9. Insurance adjusters want to save their company money, so they can look good on their performance review.
  10. Insurance adjusters are trained to be nice to you so you will not hire a lawyer. Do not let the friendly demeanor fool you.
  11. Insurance adjusters are not bad people – they are doing their job. Their job is to pay the least amount possible on your claim.
  12. Oftentimes, the insurance company represents the person who hurt you. In other words, insurance adjusters are not trying to help you – they are trying to help the person who hurt you.
  13. Insurance adjusters may discourage you from getting a lawyer. Insurance companies do not want you to get a lawyer because people who get lawyers make the insurance company pay more money.
  14. The insurance adjusters want to keep you in the dark about your rights. The insurance adjuster will not help you find all the coverage you are entitled to under the insurance policy – like medical payments coverage and car rental coverage.
  15. An insurance adjuster may say “don’t get a lawyer, a lawyer will take your money.” Setting aside the fact that the adjuster may be practicing law without a license, in most cases, the adjuster is wrong. A lawyer will typically get you more money.

Q: What does my insurance cover?

A: It depends on the language of your insurance policy and the insurance policies of the people you live with. A good lawyer will request the insurance policies and find all the available insurance coverage.


Q: How much is an initial consultation?

A: Generally, Wright & Associates charges $300 for an initial consultation.

Q: Why should I hire The Law Office of Wright & Associates, LLC?

A: At The Law Office of Wright & Associates, LLC,

  1. Ben has experience trying cases.
  2. Ben has experience arguing appeals.
  3. Ben and his team will protect your rights.
  4. Ben and his team will gather the necessary evidence.
  5. Ben and his team are professionals who are committed to your case.
  6. Ben and his team have the experience and resources to investigate your claim.
  7. Ben and his team will prevent you from giving statements against your interest.
  8. Ben and his team will come to you if you cannot come to us.
  9. If Ben does not think he can get you more money than you could without a lawyer, then he will not take your case.
  10. Ben and his team will put you on equal footing with the insurance company and their well-trained and experienced adjusters.
  11. Ben is a former insurance lawyer. Since he used to represent the insurance company, he understands how an insurance company may try to minimize your claim.

Q: How much time do I have to file a lawsuit?

A: It depends on the claim you want to assert. While some statutes of limitations are set by law, other limitations are set by the terms of a contract. The bottom line: You should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Once the statute of limitations runs, you may be forever barred from recovering for your damages.