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Estate Planning

Whether the assets you own value a high net worth or you only own a few, small assets, YOU should be the one to decide what happens to those assets once you pass away. The team at Wright & Associates can help you plan for your future, and your families’ future, by preparing the necessary documents to give you peace of mind that, upon your death, your possessions are transferred according to your wishes. Better yet, we can do this in a way that will make it so the loved ones you leave behind do not have to deal with the costly, stressful, and time-consuming probate process. This is one of the best gifts you can leave for your loved ones.

We can also assist in preparing documents in the event that you end up in the hospital or are unable to make medical or financial decisions for yourself, including Health Care Power of Attorneys, Financial Power of Attorneys, HIPPA Waivers, and Living Wills.

We understand how important this process is and we take the time to get to know your particular circumstances and to listen to your wishes. This allows us to help make sure that your ultimate goal will be met. Call us today to discuss a plan for your future.

Probate Administration

With the loss of a loved one comes sadness, stress, and other emotional highs and lows. You should be able to focus on those emotions without the added strain of determining whether your loved one’s possessions and assets are being transferred and dealt with in accordance with their wishes. Often the death of a loved one can also cause issues within the family because certain family members believe that they are entitled to part of the deceased loved one’s estate or who may even contest the will. Wright & Associates is well versed in dealing with the Probate Court, making sure that a loved one’s assets are distributed appropriately, and are equipped to handle situations where certain family members may make the distribution of a loved one’s assets difficult. Call us today to discuss your situation.